Welcome to the Official Blogspot for Leigh Ann DiDomenico, MA aka ANNHGIEL!!

Welcome to the Official Blogspot for Leigh Ann DiDomenico, MA aka ANNHGIEL!!
"The Angel with the Crooked Halo"


Leigh Ann is multi-talented creative freelance professional. She specializes in performance poetry, hosting, modeling, acting, and mixed media visual art. Leigh Ann is a COMMERCIAL, BEAUTY, and PETITE FASHION MODEL and ACTRESS and is available for PAID PRINT, TV, and FILM shoots. Will gladly TRAVEL (expenses paid) for work! Leigh Ann is also a nationally ranked SLAM POET, placing 3rd in the nation and 2nd in the west coast region, and is available to FEATURE at theatres, slams, open mics, and on the radio. She is also a published AUTHOR and an ARTIST who creates and sells unique one-of-a-kind furniture and home decor. Leigh Ann's artwork, ANNHGIEL DESIGNS, can be purchased at 4th Ave by the Tracks in Kalispell, MT, as well as custom ordered. Finally, Leigh Ann has her MASTERS DEGREE in Psychology and is an experienced COUNSELOR, TUTOR, and YOUTH MENTOR.


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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Poem: Lightning Bugs

The first time I got sober
Was the first time
In my life
I actually

One humid New Jersey summer night
Me and four guys from ‘the program’
Decided to break into a public pool
For a swim under the moonlight.

On our way through the woods to jump the fence
We were struck silent
By a swarm of lightning bugs.
A soft dark blanket of evergreen trees
Provided a backdrop
For thousands
Of fireflies
Blinking on and off,
Like flash photography in a packed stadium

It was miraculous.

A group of addicts

Awe-struck for a moment that expanded into eternity
A feeling we'd been chasing the whole time we were using.

Eventually, we got to the water,
I told someone I didn't know how to float
And they laughed as I flapped my arms upward
Trying to swim to the surface.

My friend cupped his hands gently beneath me,
Told me to trust the water and let go.
And I finally
What it meant to ‘surrender’
See you can't struggle
And float
At the same time.

A few months later I received a letter from my Sponsor, Rose, about one of those friends,
Said "Greg OD'ed on heroine.
He's in a coma, in critical condition."

When I finally saw him again,
I didn't recognize him.

He'd grown in his sleep,
No longer the small boy I knew,
He was a man lying there,
Still skinny,
But now it was from the atrophy,
Legs contorted under thin covers,
A feeding tube like an umbilical cord,
His eyes were open,
He kept grunting and twitching,

I was scared to touch him,

But Rose started stroking his hand,
Talking to him...
So I did too

Leaned close,
Hey Greg,
It's Leigh Ann.
You recognize me?
I cut off all my hair...
Dreamin in there?"

And just then
He picked up a curled finger,
Started struggling to speak
And tears
Started streaming down his face.

It was like he was using all of his energy
To struggle out of the deep end he'd fallen in,
And fell back.

We left after that.

And he died a little while later.

And I wished I reminded him of the night I learned to float,

Wish I told him that I once saw a woman almost drown in three feet of water,
Flailing out of fear,
She couldn't hear the lifeguard yelling,
"Stand Up!"

And I've heard of people drowning,
Passing out in bathtubs,
Unable to lift face to surface and breathe

And I saw my own frantic flapping
In the tears streaming down Greg's face.

See, I've spent most of my life running away,
In fetal position,
So afraid of my own darkness,
I let it eclipse me.

But at night…

Dark skies hold the moon like a womb.
And dreams only come to life in closed-eyed surrender,
And fireflies only light up in the darkness.

The first time I got high,
I thought I found
What I was missing.
But sobriety
Allowed me to teach children to catch lightning bugs
For the
First time.

Outstretched gentle hands
Coaxed them to land
And showed them
Saw awe
In child's eyes
As they watched flourescent lights blink out and in
And then took off
Chasing bugs
And I knew
I was witnessing
A miracle.

I got 16 days sober today.

Lucky enough to remember Greg's story without having become it,
My soul being birthed
Like the sun
To a new day
And I only hope

I still know how to float.

Copyright Leigh Ann "Annhgiel" DiDomenico

All Rights Reserved
This poem, or parts thereof, may not be reproduced in any form without permission.
Please contact: lada.04@alumni.lehigh.edu for authorization for credited use.

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