Welcome to the Official Blogspot for Leigh Ann DiDomenico, MA aka ANNHGIEL!!

Welcome to the Official Blogspot for Leigh Ann DiDomenico, MA aka ANNHGIEL!!
"The Angel with the Crooked Halo"


Leigh Ann is multi-talented creative freelance professional. She specializes in performance poetry, hosting, modeling, acting, and mixed media visual art. Leigh Ann is a COMMERCIAL, BEAUTY, and PETITE FASHION MODEL and ACTRESS and is available for PAID PRINT, TV, and FILM shoots. Will gladly TRAVEL (expenses paid) for work! Leigh Ann is also a nationally ranked SLAM POET, placing 3rd in the nation and 2nd in the west coast region, and is available to FEATURE at theatres, slams, open mics, and on the radio. She is also a published AUTHOR and an ARTIST who creates and sells unique one-of-a-kind furniture and home decor. Leigh Ann's artwork, ANNHGIEL DESIGNS, can be purchased at 4th Ave by the Tracks in Kalispell, MT, as well as custom ordered. Finally, Leigh Ann has her MASTERS DEGREE in Psychology and is an experienced COUNSELOR, TUTOR, and YOUTH MENTOR.


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Thursday, January 5, 2012

New Poem: The Mermaid

       They found her on the northern coast of Japan after the tsunami.  She was a tiny slumped flower clinging to the edge of a rooftop in a strange river of floating cars and debris.  They brought her to the Monterey Bay Aquarium in a 3ft x 6ft tank in the back of a trailer.  Her fishtail curled toward her tangled black locks like a bandage.  It was weeks before the doctors were confident to release her for the exhibit.  But she was exquisite. 
       Her eyes were deep green and tender and she had spongy ocean lips.  Her onyx black hair floated in a magnetic dance swirling around her perfect cantaloupe breasts, savory crescent moon hips, and a moss-colored tail curled in a constant pendulum sway.  She moved in graceful elegance, every gesture a floating dance. 
       They announced her to the world.  The Mermaid!  Come one, come all! 
       She was the porcelain doll they placed on their shelf.  Swarms of humans came to gape starving through the looking glass, longing to hook their fingers around her delicate wrists and tidal siren bottom like a child’s wriggling salamander prize.  But, as they lusted for her, she thirsted for the ocean: the taste of fresh algae, the tickle of a seahorse’s kiss, the beautiful symphony of electric eel lightning storms, the dance of sun rays reflected through water, and the majesty of a sea turtle landing on a cavern floor.  She only wanted one more night lying next to her husband in their soft seaweed bed or one more day chasing bubbles to the surface with her sisters. 
       Her sway became mechanical like a grandmother clock, her gaze frozen like a quartz crystal cracked down its center.  She sought refuge from the stinging stares of voyeurs in the dim shadowed corner of the tank.  She began to swim in circles hiding behind its veil.  The congregation roared, banged on the glass, “How dare you keep yourself from us!”  She could feel her smooth black locks turn to jellyfish tentacles under their ravenous stares.  She was Medusa, pining for Poseidon as their jealous salted curse turned her perfect beauty monstrous.   
       She refused to eat and it was not long before she was found floating face down on the surface of her tank.  They quickly preserved her in a marinade of hardened plastic, carefully leaned to one side, one tiny arm bent toward her perfect face, the other resting over her waist, delicate fingertips grazing her navel, and her fishtail curled gracefully into the air, pointing toward the stone expression in her empty emerald eyes. 
       Now it’s an anthill funeral procession of gawking passersby and one mannequin mermaid, lying ceremonious in a trumpeting glass casket in a travelling museum exhibit announcing her to the world.  The Mermaid! Come one, come all!!